EULOGIO POMARES Viticulturist in Galicia

Fento Wines is the beginning. It is an amalgamation of creations with which Eulogio Pomares has sought to define Galicia and its wines with audacity, simplicity and great character.

However, it is his innate restlessness which drives him to create wines based on concepts and processes that very, very few have ever tried before. Harvests in December, albariños with maceration or wines ageing 60 months in the bottle. This is the basis for his Grandes Vinos Desiguales – "great unmatched wines".

This experimentation, taken to its limit, is a path, a journey, but not an end in itself. With the vineyards owned by Rebeca, his wife, he is embarking on a new journey with his Vinos Parcelarios or "land wines". Wines from unique vineyards through which you will rediscover Eulogio Pomares at his most poetic, idealistic and evocative.